WiFi Management and APs
A highly scalable, centralized WLAN controller

UniGr8ways is a powerful WLAN controller that allows centralized installation, configuration, monitoring, and management of up to 1,000 access points via a single device. UniGr8ways customizable device offers flexibility, scalability, and efficiency, and is very cost-efficient.

UniGr8ways AP Controller and WiFi Manager

A growing demand for high-speed wireless networks leads to increased security risks and network management challenges. UniGr8ways Access Point Controller and WiFi Manager can help you overcome these problems easily by enabling IT staff to manage multi-site, multi-tenancy networks.

User Creation

UniGr8ways AP Controller enables both, manual and automatic creation of different user types based on social login, user form, or SMS request.

Data Capture

UniGr8ways AP Manager captures user data including contact details, feedback, and other personal information with a customizable form.

Access Control

UniGr8ways AP Manager controls user access via policies based on usage duration, bandwidth, and content, among other things.

Payment Structure

UniGr8ways AP Controller and WiFi Manager provide for diverse pricing options and structures such as free, fee to be paid, vouchers, pins, SMS-based OTP, and digital payments.

Location Tracking

UniGr8ways WiFi Manager tracks the user’s location based on heat map, access point, and user movement for enhanced network security.

Brand Communication

UniGr8ways WiFi Manager communicates brand messages by advertising content of various formats according to a pre-set schedule and frequency.

Customized Portal

UniGr8ways AP captive portal and application for user creation, communication, and access control can be purpose-built for easy management.


UniGr8ways wireless network is compatible with multiple access points, ISPs, networking switches, and routers.

User logs

UniGr8ways AP Controller and WiFi Manager provide comprehensive user logs and activity reports, as part of the decision-making process.

The UniGr8ways Advantage
gr8ways centralized configuration and management
Centralized configuration and management
UniGr8ways makes use of WLC-4100, which enables easy centralized configuration and automatic management of up to 1,000 access points and WLAN routers, proving to be a major time-saver for the network administrator. The WLAN controller offers consistent assistance and reliability for better network control and heightened security.
gr8ways zero touch deployment
Zero-Touch Deployment
UniGr8ways device eliminates the need of manual configuration, enabling automatic configuration rollout with simplified and rapid network integration of new access points at the same time. Post network verification, the WLC-4100 promptly sends the appropriate configurations to the WLAN device.
With GR8WAYS, you can seamlessly set up wireless networks to comply with proprietary security policies. Extensive professional security functions enable administrators to grant network access only to authorized clients. With integrated VLAN functionality, UniGr8ways device consolidates several wireless networks into a single infrastructure.
gr8ways Maximum Future Viability
Maximum future viability
UniGr8ways device design is futuristic, to ensure extended service life. UniGr8ways WiFi Manager enables you to upgrade and add new access points and WLAN routers to be controlled, without the need to purchase additional hardware. Updates to earlier versions of UniGr8ways device are available several times a year.
List of supported access points
Choose freely from a list of multiple access points!

With GR8WAYS, you can work with multiple wireless network devices while managing them centrally. UniGr8ways works seamlessly with diverse access points—desktop, or ceiling-mountable, indoor or outdoor, even with POE. You can select the access point that best suits your requirement based on quality, cost, and brand.