WHY UniGr8ways

Why the integrated UniGr8ways solution makes sense

The need

Most companies today depend upon a complex, cumbersome network infrastructure and disorganized lines of internet connectivity to run their businesses. There is almost no fail-safe way to ensure their networks are in peak running condition or that their bandwidth loads are being distributed and balanced based on logic or efficiency. Network administration activity in this scenario is typically reactive, rather than proactive or driven by technological intelligence. In an era where the high demand for reliable, secure, high-speed connectivity is a given, there has to be a strategy-driven holistic answer to deal with these challenges. Legacy network infrastructures usually involve multiple vendors or OEMs to manage the various components of the network—for which 24x7 vendor availability can be a big expense in terms of effort and costs.

The UniGr8ways approach

Our approach is to provide companies and enterprise businesses with a streamlined, all-in-one clutter-free solution that combines all the major functions of network administration, effective load balancing, bandwidth optimization, and network security monitoring—all in a single-window, easy-to-deploy, simple-to-use solution. Rigorous testing and R&D resulted in the creation of a world-class solution that takes the guesswork out of administering a multi-site, multi-tenancy infrastructure, while also saving enterprises the hassle and high costs of engaging multiple vendors for managing separate components of their network infrastructure.

  • Our managed services model can help your company focus on core business innovation, while we handle the installation, management, and troubleshooting of your network
  • Our single-window model saves you the hassle of managing the different components of your infrastructure
  • The UniGr8ways solution is integrated and comparatively less expensive—it saves you the overall costs of procuring, installing, managing and maintaining separate components

The UniGr8ways Benefits

  • Significant cost savings—up to 95% compared to MPLS and P2P
  • More Bandwidth than MPLS and P2P
  • Assured Maximum network uptime
  • Redundant and higher connectivity than VPN
  • Quick and easy to deploy and manage
Bandwidth Aggregation
  • Intelligent bandwidth aggregation with smart load balancing and fail-over
  • Connect bandwidth from Multiple sources (Lease Line, Broadband and 4G LTE dongle)
  • Full bandwidth utilization
  • Higher redundancy and uptime
  • Increased network ROI
AAA & Bandwidth Management
  • Enhanced user experience
  • User wise bandwidth management
  • Higher user productivity (Application wise QoS and Content filter)
  • Streamlined network and bandwidth optimization
  • Reliable accounting of time, duration and usage
  • Protection from attack from specified countries
  • Soft-blocking and override capabilities
  • Domain and content-based filtering
WiFi Management & APs
  • Centralized installation, configuration, monitoring, and management
  • Offers flexibility, scalability, and efficiency
  • Enables easy management of multi-site, multi-tenancy networks
  • Works with multiple wireless network devices
  • Significant cost efficiencies