Network security filter programs are installed as part of a proxy server. These programs help to determine the reliability of incoming content based on pre-set organizational rules. Enterprises or individuals can block out web pages containing spyware and malware among other things by using strong web filter programs.

UniGr8ways extensive range of network security services enables you to scan and filter incoming content and block unauthorized access, malicious attacks, and objectionable content. Organizations can also opt for soft-blocking and override capabilities that allow network administrators to unblock a page.

Access analyze your network infrastructure and future business needs
Assess and analyze existing network infrastructure and future business needs.
Gr8ways formulate strategy and plan based on security requirements
Formulate strategies and plans based on security requirements and business goals.
Gr8ways configure technologies increase efficiency and security
Configure technologies to your business needs for increased efficiency and security.
Gr8ways security monitor incoming outgoing networks data
Control access to the network by monitoring incoming and outgoing data packets, and verifying and authenticating user identities.
Add-on Modules

Domain Filter

A domain filtering strategy makes it difficult for users to locate specific domain names or websites. UniGr8ways domain filter tools are set to specific parameters like type of domain (.com or .org), domain length, and alphanumeric characters. With UniGr8ways domain filter, you can process large volumes of domain names with little CPU overhead.

  • Filter domain names containing or missing specific keywords at the start, end, or in the middle
  • Filter domain names based on the length
  • Filter domain names containing or missing specific alphabetic, numeric, or special characters
  • Add, edit, or delete multiple domain name extensions with a single click
  • Extract domain names from lists of URLs by removing http://, www, html file names, and so on
  • Extract domain names that do not contain repeated letters or digits

Content Filter

Content filter (or information filter) programs screen and eliminate undesirable content to meet regulatory compliance requirements. Content filter programs are used as a protective shield and essentially control information sharing. UniGr8ways content filter solutions are especially significant for regulated industries such as education, finance, and healthcare.

  • Implement content filter tools as software or hardware-based solutions
  • Configure and implement controls over internet access to eliminate unproductive time
  • Filter content for fixed and wireless networks
  • Ensure compliance with state and federal legislations (CIPA, HIPAA and so on)
  • Observe and regulate web activity historically or in real time
  • Restrict access to websites with harmful content or those meant for illegal activities

Blocked Domain/IP

Blocking IP addresses or certain domain names is a security measure used by local firms as well as global companies to allow remote access and prevent unauthorized access, intrusions, and cyber-attacks. For regulated industries, IP blocking also allows you to maintain healthy productivity levels by limiting the kinds of websites accessed by employees or students. UniGr8ways programs protect your enterprise by enforcing censorship.

  • Prevent unauthorized access to confidential data and records
  • Limit syndication of specific content from specific regions
  • Filter network packets based on IP addresses, protocols, and other TCP/IP factors
  • Monitor network flows in real time for overall control of activities
  • Blacklist, whitelist, or block multiple IP addresses or domain names with a single click
  • Integrate IP/domain blocker as a Windows® service

Blocked Countries

Country-based blocking restricts access to content based on location by cross-checking against pre-determined parameters. Geo-blocking techniques check a user’s IP address against blacklisted IPs. UniGr8ways security mechanism also allows users to decide to block country-specific visitors from accessing or interacting with the website.

  • Prevent location-specific users from accessing any component of your website
  • Regulate content sharing and prevent violation of licenses and copyrights
  • Restrict or block access to login forms and other components of your website
  • Restrict or block interaction (posting, signing up, etc.,) with your website
  • Allow outgoing traffic to marked locations but block incoming traffic
  • Restrict and redirect blocked users/visitors to pre-set URLs