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Enterprise Users

Enterprises struggle with legacy networks that are often disproportionate to the scale of their business operations and network operating costs—not to mention the challenge of unplanned downtime and ineffective load-balancing methods. Enterprises with global operations require a network management solution that provides high-performance 24x7 connectivity so that their global delivery mechanism functions smoothly and hassle-free. Dependency on multiple third-party vendors to manage different components of their network infrastructure could mean a huge expense in terms of effort and costs. The UniGr8ways integrated gateway solution is an easy-to-deploy, simple-to-manage option that can deal with all the heavy lifting in network management, security, and bandwidth optimization, while ensuring much greater uptime and still keeping costs affordable.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

Corporate customers who rely on ISPs also struggle with unplanned network outages and bandwidth issues from time to time. UniGr8ways integrated gateway solutions help address this and more. ISPs can now provide all the benefits of an easy-to-deploy-and-manage integrated network solution to their corporate clients, manage the solution for them and help ensure maximum uptime while maintaining an effective, secure, and cost-efficient network, and optimizing their bandwidth usage at the same time.


With the growing social media frenzy and free wireless internet connectivity becoming more commonplace, web-savvy guests at your restaurant expect and even demand instant access to the net. From socializing to business meetings, everyone is online and needs to stay connected. On the other hand, coping with the demand for faster internet connections can be a challenge due to the increasing legions of mobile users and bandwidth-guzzling applications. Unsecured public WiFi and the growing subculture of freeloaders also pose manageability challenges while installing wireless connections. Depending on your restaurant type, an easily accessible, easy-to-manage network infrastructure offers the right opportunity for brand building and scope for more business possibilities.


The healthcare industry has made giant growth strides thanks to rapidly evolving technology. In a consumer-driven era, medial and diagnostic data travels in all directions seamless and uninterrupted. Professional caregivers and health administrators at hospitals, clinics, medical centers, as well as nursing homes need quick and easy access to patient records, test reports, and medical history. Instant access to medical records allows medical staff to make timely informed decisions, speeding up the treatment process and reducing procedural turnaround time. Wireless network connectivity also enables various complex diagnostic machines to communicate with each other. Moreover, providing metered internet connectivity to in-patients can be developed as an additional source of revenue.


Nowadays, nearly all airline passengers carry at least one mobile gadget whether they are on a business trip or taking a vacation. Passengers spend their time in airport lounges to continue working in transit or occupy themselves with social media while waiting to board their flights. WiFi connectivity services available across airport terminals, lounges, and waiting areas help tremendously improve a passenger’s waiting experience. Moreover, airports can monetize these services by offering subscription or sponsorship to airlines. Airports can also make use of the login or onboarding screens for effective brand communication especially during pre-check–ins, itinerary alterations, and other travel updates.

Cafés & Recreational Centers

Cafés and other recreational Centers have become prime meeting spots and discussion hubs for local visitors as well as tourists, who often have to pay a heavy price for data on their smartphones and other mobile devices. Moreover, it can also be a challenge to cope with the growing demand for faster internet connections to cater to an increasing number of mobile device users and bandwidth-consuming applications. Adding convenient internet access points could lead to an increased flow of visitors, extended visiting hours, and more frequent visits. Plus, offering wireless connectivity also allows a range of opportunities for brand communication, business development, and promos.

Shopping Malls & Entertainment Centers

The modern-day shopper demands to stay connected whether he is shopping or taking in a movie. Most mall visitors carry smartphones or tablets, which are effective tools for storeowners and brands to improve customer engagement with their brands. Shopping malls require installation of the right network architecture solutions to authenticate user traffic, maintain user logs and avoid pirated exploitation of bandwidth by potential freeloaders—a section of people who visit busy malls purely to exploit the free WiFi available. An effective network management platform is necessary, to ensure shoppers have sufficient and secure internet access. Retailers can leverage reliable wireless networks to deliver high-speed connectivity while collecting valuable buyer insights in real time.

Travel & Transportation

Staying connected on the go is essential for virtually everyone today—whether it is listening to music, streaming movies, preparing a sales pitch, or expediting work email. With expensive conventional mobile data packs and weak net connectivity en route, the demand for reliable, secure WiFi has increased. UniGr8ways solutions help improve the passenger’s travel experience by ensuring that travel time includes opportunities to stay productive even while on the move. Whether you travel for business or pleasure, you’re connected.

On Campus

It is an accepted norm to share knowledge, advanced resources, and best practices to help facilitate a strong foundation for groups of learning institutes and affiliated colleges. Availability of a reliable, secure internet connection on campus enables the faculty and students to access validated research and information anywhere, anytime, across the campus. With every person on campus using at least one mobile device, there is increased demand for high-speed and uninterrupted bandwidth not just in libraries and laboratories, but in the classrooms and on-campus residential facilities as well. UniGr8ways connectivity solutions can redefine how modern schools, colleges, and universities manage user access, optimize bandwidth consumption, and enforce network security policies.