Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) is a fundamental, essential operational function required to provide quality subscriber experience. UniGr8ways AAA is a flexible and comprehensive solution tailored to manage authentication and authorization based on IP and MAC addresses, and reliable accounting based on assessment of time, duration, and usage.

UniGr8ways AAA

UniGr8ways Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting is a robust solution for Internet Service Providers, and is 3GPP-compliant; its expandable core supports RADIUS, SIGTRAN, and Diameter. UniGr8ways AAA enables deployment through several data sources including distributed LDAP for multiple TPS

  • Scalable up to a million subscriber requests
  • Supports devices compliant with RADIUS, NAS, DPI, and BNG
  • Enables WiFi Mobile Data Offload EAP-SIM projects
  • Pre-integrated with other UniGr8ways services for rapid time-to-market
Billing Management

ISPs require scalable billing solutions to maintain high customer satisfaction levels while delivering complex services and. UniGr8ways billing solution enables ISPs to provide flexibility in billing functions and packages. Service providers can offer prepaid or postpaid packages based on time and usage as well as peak and non-peak billing, supported by pulse-based ratings.

Bandwidth & QOS Management

Bandwidth management includes measuring and controlling traffic to avoid network congestion and consequential poor performance. UniGr8ways bandwidth manager facilitates high QoS by allowing service providers to allocate variable bandwidth and implement restrictions based on individual subscriber quota and data usage.

Subscriber management

UniGr8ways subscriber management facilitates the efficient management of unlimited users on a dynamic network. Functions for addition, updating, migration, and deletion of users take the hassle out of managing and analyzing subscriber volumes and identifying network congestion and revenue leaks.

Access Gateway

Access Gateway communicates with the RADIUS server to handle authentication and authorization requests by acting as the front end for users. UniGr8ways Access Gateway offers built-in DHCP service with NAT features and a security level that restricts unauthorized internet connections and blocks DoS attacks.

Captive Portal

UniGr8ways integrated captive portal helps Internet Service Providers to segregate users based on subscription, zones, location, and their service set identifiers. ISPs can also customize landing pages with different login templates to make the login process attractive and enhance their user experience.

Multilevel Administration

UniGr8ways enables multi-level administration by incorporating role-based administration. Service providers can create different levels of user control by introducing multiple administrators for every zone.